For all the moms...

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For the mamas whose children are blessing them as I type this and the ones whose arms are aching to hold their child And the moms that endured it all alone For the first mamas whose child is being raised by someone else And the moms whose child has passed away For the moms that are in the thick of PTO meetings, and counselors, and PB&Js Those with tiny little ones, medium one, and ones that are bigger than they are now with lives of their own For the mom's with children in the hospital And hospice For those that sent off a child once and for all, to never live under the same roof again And the mamas that brought a new child home recently For all the moms that are dads, and big sisters, and step moms, and aunts, and great aunts and grandmothers, and foster moms And the moms who feel isolated is a sea of dirty dishes, laundry, dust bunnies and bills, and the ones with support resources at their fingertips For the mamas who will get handfuls of wildflower bouquets today and those who will macaroni necklaces and handmade vouchers for free hugs, and cards and phone calls and flowers, and breakfast in bed or breakfast out, or just a tiny or a big hand in yours And the moms who won't Moms come if so many forms and so many seasons.

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