Almost Making a Best Blogger List

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[Editor's Note: Best blogger lists -- every niche of the blogosphere has one, including church bloggers, as Alise... Write! states in her post about the day she almost made a most influential blogger list.  On one hand, those lists are a great way to honour hard work and a way for newcomers to that area of the blogosphere to find other bloggers to read.  On the other hand, they make everyone not included feel as if they're back in middle school. --Mel]

I hate lists. It can be so easy to get caught up in who is in and who is out and the successes and failures of those who are “above” and “below” us. We tally up the numbers and figure out our ranking. She’s better than me. I’m better than him. This person shouldn’t be on the list. That person got completely screwed over by the list.

What are your thoughts on those "best of" or "most influential bloggers" lists?

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