Anatomy of a Corporate Meeting

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Regular meetings in Corporate America. I SO do not miss those meetings. That is why I absolutely loved this post with the anatomy of a meeting. While it may sound like hyperbole, anyone who's been in the brain-suck of a meeting like this knows that it is unfortunately not uncommon.

People who don’t work in Corporate America have this notion that all real business occurs in big meetings, held in big conference rooms, with big chairs, filled with people who have big egos. While Corporate America definitely has its share of these (especially the egos), most business occurs outside of this environment. Most business occurs in really small groups – often one-on-one – but usually no more than a group of a few people.

So, why do we have these big conference rooms with tables resembling those in U.N. buildings? Why do we have weekly status check meetings with 10, 15, 20+ people?

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anatomy of a meeting

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