15 Ways to Cope With Worry

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Editor's note: I'm a worrywart, and I know I'm not alone—which is why I was glad to see this post by Charlotte outlining 15 things to do when bad news hits, and worry follows in its wake. Some of her ideas instill a sense of order amid the chaos (like cleaning your kitchen), while others give you permission to lighten your workload (like by ordering a pizza). All of them serve as reminders that life isn't all bad, and can restore a more balanced perspective that can help you cope. Here's tip #14 just to give you an idea. – Judy

Wrote down 5 things in my journal that are great in my life and that I’m happy for. This helped. (In case you’re curious: 1. Kids that have not gotten the flu *knockonwood* even though all their friends have. 2. Getting to donate all our unused diapers since we’ll never need another one again! 3. A jalapeno goat cheese dip that is to die for on mini peppers. 4. A husband who goes and picks up pizza when I’m too stressed to cook. 5. The combination of texting and camera phones in the hands of my hilarious friends.)

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