And I Thought Flying With My Kid Was Hard

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Everyone knows flying with a kid is a real test of will and patience. We get on board with expectations that we'll be able to keep it all under control. And then… the inevitable sets in. Fond of the Silliness lived this moment, as we all do. But then she learned something more at the end of the long and harried flight, thanks to the stranger sitting next to her. Do not miss this post. It's a fantastic dose of perspective, and really funny, too. (Before you get to the perspective part. Then you might want a tissue.)

Seat 7E On Flight 5790 Needs A New Sky Magazine

I'm back from vacation. It was a wonderful trip, but flying with a ten-month-old taught me there are certain situations in which you can prepare all you want, but all the planning in the world will not change the fact that your child has you completely by the cojones.

I got on the plane and noted that I was sitting near a mom with three boys, one about my baby's age. The woman was also traveling with her mother, who seemed to do everything, but I still worried for her and was glad I was not traveling with three boys.


Credit Image: Photo by xlibber via Flickr

Then her two older boys busied themselves with activities and the baby promptly fell asleep. The baby slept the duration of the flight and the older boys also snoozed on and off.

Evie, on the other hand, spent most of the trip trying to climb onto my head. When she didn't do that she slapped my face. After the face slapping the real fun began when she…

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