Angry at a Baby: When Will His Colic Phase Be Over?

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[Editor's Note: I was a colicky baby. My mom recounts a story of walking across the lane on the farm, knocking on my grandma's door, handing me over and walking back home to sleep for a few hours. Apparently I've been this difficult my whole life. Ahem. Rachel at Yestertime is deep in the thick of colic right now -- not her, baby Max. She's asking all the questions parents facing colic ask: Did we cause this? Is there anything that can be done? OMG WHEN WILL IT END?!?! Go give her some love. -Jenna]

Rhymes with Frolic:

Buckle upColic, that stupidly all-encompassing word that just means “crying a whole lot and for a long time.” It’s not an infection you can treat with medicine or drops to the ear. You can’t rub a salve on the part that hurts. No one really knows why some babies are fussy for weeks (or, oh god, months) on end. The theory is that maybe their systems just haven’t matured and so dealing with all the functions of existence are difficult: digesting, sleeping, feeling, etc. I get it. I do. It’s hard to be alive sometimes. Still, my sympathy is flagging.

As irrational and absurd as I know it is, there is part of me that worries we caused this somehow. Like we haven’t been chill enough as parents and so have passed on some anxieties to this sweet baby, who can’t handle the stress. And we perpetuate it with our frantic attempts to soothe him, day after day.

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