Anne Rice's Werewolves: The Wolf Gift

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If I say Anne Rice you probably think vampires. Yes, she's written other things but her Interview with a Vampire and the following books in her Vampire Chronicles series changed vampires for many of us. Dracula always seemed a bit old to me but Lestat and Louis? They were sexy. I've always been a firm member of #TeamVampire. Can Anne Rice's newest book The Wolf Gift change my mind about vampires? Michelle's review leads me to believe that I probably won't switch teams but I just might, maybe, appreciate the wolves a little bit more. - Karen

the wolf gift anne riceMs. Rice’s monsters are as angst-ridden and as complicated as one would expect. Reuben Golding is neither beast nor man and must learn to navigate his way in this new world as best as he can. It is this journey and the unexpected twists and turns along the way that make Ms. Rice’s latest novel so intriguing.

What Ms. Rice does so well in all her novels is explore the definition of humanity as it applies to those not normally considered part of society; The Wolf Gift is no exception. As Reuben explores his new powers, the line between good and evil is very narrow indeed. His conflict over distancing himself from his loved ones to protect them versus the need he has to surround himself with those same loved ones is as understandable as it is heartbreaking. As outlandish as the entire scenario might be, the reader has no difficulties empathizing with Reuben and his fight for normalcy. After all, love and happiness are what everyone seeks.

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