Announcing Mega Marathon BM#39 April ~ Indian States

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After doing couple of Mega Marathons, we are very enthusiastic in continuing the tradition of doing full month Marathon. Ever since we completed our September ABC Cooking, we have been discussing on doing the next one.So for the BM# 39 which happens to be April 2014, it is going to be Indian States and its food.We have finalized a list which consists of both States and Union Territories of India. All are expected to do the same state as what is decided for each day.Each day will be dedicated to one Indian State/UN and you can cook an authentic dish from that state and post on your blog.You are free to choose any dish, any course from the state, provided it is originally from that state.Examples of what is not accepted:A blogger hailing from North can make Dosas and Idlis but can't make Dal Tadka and similar typesetc.Similarly same gets applied to a blogger hailing from South.What this means is, if you are a native of a state, you can't make the everyday dish of that state.What is also expected is, you got to read into their Food culture and understand why certain spice is added. . . .

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