Another Annoying Sexist Ad Campaign: Dr. Pepper Ten

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[Editor's Note: Dr. Pepper has a new diet soft drink called Dr. Pepper Ten. But you can forget about buying it, ladies, because guess what? It's only for men! Sweet, huh? As if the ad isn't offensive enough, Karen Moran at Ad Chickadee discovered a Dr. Pepper Ten Facebook page for men only too!--Mona]

She writes:

I had to create a new Facebook account indicating I’m a guy to even view the content. It includes games and videos aimed at being "manly." There's a “manly shooting gallery” where men have “23 seconds to take out all the girlie stuff” with the directions of, “If it’s girlie shoot it – if it’s manly avoid it.”

indiana jones

Credit Image: Dara Librarian on Flickr

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