Helping Another Immigrant Family

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[Editor's Note: As we head toward Thanksgiving, it's a good time to remember how we arrived at where we are, and the people who helped us along the way. I love this post by Polish Prarie Mama, as she reflects on how she landed in America as a child. And it's even more inspiring to see her turn her thankfulness into action, as she turns around and gives to another family of newcomers. --Grace]

Sometimes, I forget how good I actually do have it.  How hard it was for us when I was a child.  How hungry we were and how little clothing and toys we had. I remembered this photo of me when we had just come to this country a few months prior.

I'll tell you about the burn on my left hand another time. Do you see that sofa? Hideous. Those gigantic slippers that didn't fit me? My clothes. This is the picture of an immigrant child. And I'm proud of it. Because it reminds me that we are a strong family.

Sometimes, I look at it and remember how good we have it.




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