Another Trend I Was Not On Top Of AND A Giveaway!!

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OK so we have established that me + trends are like strangers passing in the night.Neither the two will meet.At least WHILE said trend is, well, trendy.Case in point:My bestie Jen texted me a while back and asked if Anna was into these rubber bandy type bracelet things.My first reaction was to just say no.Because she is 13 and I don't know what she likes anymore.I mean that in the nicest mommy way.I think she will LOVE this cute little floral shirt....she hates it.I think she will just DIE over this cool nail polish color...."mom that is so last season".So I really thought, no way does my daughter like to make bracelets.That was so two years ago.Umm no.As I yelled into the other room, "Anna, do you like those rubber bandy bracelets that you make in kits?"Waiting for the NO MOM, JEEZ. THAT WAS SO FOUR MONTHS AGO.Anna- "OMG YESSSSS!!!"Me- "Really?"Anna- "YESSS EVERYONE IS WEARING THEM/MAKING THEM AT SCHOOL.YOU CAN MAKE THEM IN SCHOOL COLORS AND THEY ARE SO COOL. WAIT. . . .

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