Another Update About Stuff

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Sylvia has her learner's permit and there is no better metaphor for parenting than sitting in the passenger seat, trying not to let your child see how scared to death you are and helpless you feel while she takes control of her own journey. Seeing the "rookie" mistakes, trying to correct them calmly and every so often, being met with that oh-so-lovely 16-year-old "I know, Mom!" And, as always, trying to balance the amount of times I say something with the amount of times I let her say something to me.Sometimes I want to act like I'm in a New York City cab - where I just don't pay attention and trust that the driver won't kill me. But of course, under these conditions, it's my job to be the supervising adult so I have to stay alert and...horror of all horrors, relinquish control.We are both experiencing growing pains. . . .

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