Apparently I'm Not Exempt from Empty Nest Syndrome

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I remember rolling my eyes when my mom lamented her empty nest syndrome. This was, of course, before I had children. Even now, I can't imagine what a quiet house sounds like, so I just can't place myself in the shoes of empty nesters. Neither could Diapola Momma of Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom... until she was already wearing the shoes.

She shares her initial thoughts -- and her reality:

empty nestI recall a time, not so long ago, where I’d smirk openly at parents who claimed to suffer from a “syndrome” called, Empty Nest.

Seriously? Were these people just trying to garner some sort of cheap sympathy, like a guy afflicted with the nefarious -and apparently near terminal- man-cold? I couldn’t imagine bemoaning an empty room laid out before me like a blank canvas. A room rife with possibility. It could become my own studio, library, or shrine to all things U2.

I would never be distraught over one less load of dirty socks. Who would miss that?!

Turns out, I would.

Photo Credit: calliope.

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