Yes, They're All My Kids

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Editor's Note: When you see a mom with multiples and/or a large family, do you immediately get Foot in Mouth Syndrome? Jessica at Life and Motherhood has heard them all, from "Are those ALL your kids" to "Are you running a daycare," and everything in between. Her post might cause you to think before you open your mouth next time. -Jenna

Are Those All Your Kids?:

Again, I know people mean well and are just curious but making flippant remarks about me "Sure having my hands full!" or saying "Better you than me!" or even asking highly personal questions about how my children were conceived, especially IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN is not cool. They're getting older and they hear you. They don't think our family is unusual at all as this is all they know. I usually laugh the comments off but sometimes I'm tempted to give a real inappropriate answer that would shut people up quickly. I wish I had the guts.

Yes, They're Mine
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