Trip with the Kids? Adjust Those Expectations!

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[Editor's Note: How many times have you done something really cool for your kids -- only to have it turn out not-so-great? Yeah, me too. I really related to Kelli at Minivans Are Hot when she wrote about a recent trip to Sea World. Not only did she share the reality of a trip with kids, but she gave good tips. Might be a good one to read before holiday vacation trips! -Jenna]

Are We Having Fun Yet?:

Not amused“He pushed me!”

“He called me a dumb head!”

“She started it!”

“I’m not her fwiend anymore.”

Somewhere right in the middle of all that joy, I told them to sit down and smile. “Act like you’re having fun,” I commanded. But, clearly, I was not having fun. SeaWorld wasn’t turning out how I thought it would.

It’s funny how we set up these scenario’s in our heads. I’m going to take them to an amusement park where they will skip merrily from one attraction to another, braids bouncing, hats turned just slightly to the side, contented smiles plastered firmly on their faces.


Photo Credit: owlhere.

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