Are We Sacrificing Health When We Focus on Weight?

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[Editor's Note: A recent study on food addiction and obesity caused a flurry of stories in New Zealand and cjpause shares her thoughts on these studies, stories and conversations about obesity and food addiction. Do you agree with her? - Denise]

If we want to have a public health conversation about the health of kids, then let’s have one. Let’s talk about the health of all kids, regardless of size. If we want to talk about whether kids should be drinking fizzy drinks, then let’s have that conversation. But why is it only a problem when fat kids drink fizzy drinks? Why do only obese people need to be educated about the foods identified on the NEEDNT list?

Allow me to answer my own questions: We have allowed ourselves to conflate weight with health so many times that we fail to realise when we are sacrificing our health in order to focus on weight.

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