Are You Allowed to Use That Image on Your Blog?

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[Editor's Note: Word Nerd Speaks has a brilliant post about using images in your blog post; namely, what never to do because you don't have the right to do so. Sometimes people don't know the rules surrounding images on the Web, when we can save them to our hard drive or upload them into our blog post. She walks you through the ins and outs of determining whether or not you have have the right to use a photo, as well as point out the obvious: we hurt people when we steal their work, even if they don't find out about it. --Mel]

Folks who would never swipe a shirt from the mall seem comfortable to “use” the work of photographers and graphic artists. Some justify this by adding a quick sentence such as, “Image courtesy of Google Images.” Here’s the thing: Google Images doesn’t own the images. The same applies to most of the places bloggers find these images--the sites typically do not own the rights to the photos or other artwork. The folks who created them do, and they may or may not be okay with their work being reproduced all over the web. It’s not like you can take that shirt from the mall and then pin on a little note that says, “Shirt courtesy of JC Penney.”

Did this post change the way you'll use images in the future?

Photo Credit: Camera via Shutterstock.

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