Are Your Job Search Techniques Out of Date?

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[Editor's Note: It might feel harder for older job seekers to land a job. Sure there are some unsavory age-discrimination things that happen, but that's not always the case (just the easy way to blame). Read more to see if your job search techniques are out of date and costing you that new opportunity. - Paula G]

Is Your Job Search too Old Fashioned?

I hear from many “older” job seekers these days who are frustrated with today’s job search process. They are convinced that their “advanced age” (30, 40, 50, 60, or more) is causing them problems. I think they could be right, but NOT, perhaps, for the reason they think…

Although I do not doubt that age discrimination exists, I know that other things could be negatively impacting these people. It basically comes down to looking – and being - out of date, using old-fashioned job search techniques.

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