Argentina: Goodbye, Columbus

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Cristina Fernandez, in a snit, had a statue of Christopher Columbus taken down and a room renamed in the presidential residence: Carlos Eire describes how the Argentine president lashes out against European colonialism, ignores Cuban colonialism while at the same time redecorating the joint, In addition to trashing Columbus and demolishing his statue, Kirchner has now renamed the Columbus Room at the presidential palace. The new politically-correct name: “The Salon of Native Peoples.” “We will henceforth highlight the history that no one would tell us about our culture, and learn about the civilization of native peoples.” El Periodiquito (the little newspaper) Argentinian paper says she’s obsessed, while Diario Veloz (fast journal) says she doesn’t know what to do with the statue, which was taken down in pieces. As part of Cristina’s redecoration efforts, she’s lined a hallway in mirrors, the “The Salon of Native Peoples” has a large table with touch screens, and she personally chose during her many trips abroad the textiles and objects for her hotel, Los Sauces, located near the Perito Moreno Glacier. . . .

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