Arguing with the Two Moms

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I fight with myself a lot. About the kids. First: "Let them climb the tree! Kids have been climbing trees for eons. Don't you remember reading books in the tree?" And then: "BUT THEY WILL FALL AND BREAK BONES AND ZOMG!" And back and forth. Forever. Apparently it's not just a me thing; it's a mom thing. Amy at Hearts into Home recently wrote about a time when she was faced with the two moms on her shoulder, arguing about what was best as she faced a decision for her child.

She explains the inner back-and-forth:

Pairs of angels, sculptures; Martyrs' Square - Place des Martyrs - Martelaarsplaats 7There’s a thing that goes on inside a mother’s head when making decisions about her child. Sometimes it feels as though there are two tiny moms, one sitting on each of my shoulders. One of those tiny moms is a helicopter mom. She’s over-protective. She makes unnecessary sacrifices. She keeps her kids safe but sometimes at the cost of their enjoyment of life. She says things like, “If he goes to school in the rain, he’ll catch a cold.”

Another tiny mom sits on my other shoulder. Quite often she is the voice of reason. She reminds me to remember what it was like to be a kid. When Nate is trying something new, she tells me to enjoy the experience, help him find his way, but on his terms. She says things like, “He’s in good hands, a little walk to school in the rain might even be fun for the little guys. Let them have their small adventures.”

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