Why Average Parents Are So Extraordinary

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[Editor's Note: We all hear stories about the crazy, overzealous baseball dad who assaults the ump for calling a strike. We all hear about the parents who don't encourage their children to even go out and play in the yard. These parents are the extreme, and thankfully, William at Poop and Boogies says that they are the outliers. Everyone else falls into the "average parents" category. But don't be fooled by the title: these average parents are doing extraordinary things. -Jenna]

Average Parents:

Soccer mumsBoth the negative stories and the positive stories are the outliers to what is normal in youth sports. I really shouldn't limit this to just sports though. The same could be said for schools, teachers, clubs, and other group activities. We, who absorb the content of the media and Internet, are only really exposed to the extreme stories. We never hear of or read the average stories. I know, I know, "average" does not make good print.

Currently, I am on my fourth stint as a coach in a youth sports league. I have to say that I have yet to see anything that fits into the extreme, good or bad, in any of my dealings. So far my experience has been average. Every practice or game I see average parents bring their average kids to an average team, to average coaches to play an average game. I watch as average volunteers take time out of their average days to work the average concession stand as other average parents rake and prepare average fields. I listen as average people cheer for average plays, as average coaches give average instructions.

When I stop to think about it I realize that it is the average that is truly exceptional. The average mom who makes sure her kid is at practice on time is doing an exceptional job.

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