Avery is seven months old!

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On Sunday, Avery turned 7 months old! Here are some things we have learned about Avery in her 7th month of life: She likes every food we have given her except avocados, a birth defect which are hoping is reversible.She sits up unsupported like a boss!She is a tiny little peanut who can still fit into some 3 month clothing.She has found a new (very uncool) hobby: pooping in the bath tub. Seriously, I lost count of how many times this party foul occurred in the last several weeks.We get the most comments from strangers on 1) her big brown eyes and 2) her olive skin tone (which I would love to steal from her).I got a little tired of wearing her in the Ergo or Baby Bjorn all the dang time, so she has been spending a lot more time being carried on my hip or hanging out on our new blanket, and she's a big fan.Thankfully, she doesn't seem to dislike everyone outside of her immediate family quite as much as she used to. . . .

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