Do I Really Have to Leave My Baby for a Date Night?

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Editor's Note: All or nothing advice is rarely ever spot on. The Headmistress at The Common Room recently wrote about how she was told that she had to leave her baby with a babysitter in order to have a date night and reconnect with her husband. What works for one mom, for one family, might not work for another. What are your thoughts? Do you absolutely have to leave the baby and go on a date? -Jenna

Babies and Alone Time with Your Husband:

I did not appreciate the constant unsolicited advice to leave my children. Nor did I appreciate the ‘kind’ comments about how ‘tired’ I looked. I do not think I really was any more tired than any of my friends who did leave their babies with others. I think that these were assumptions that others imposed upon us based on their own preferences. It was not what they did, so it must be ‘weird,’ or unnatural, exhausting, or otherwise unacceptable.

This idea that we must leave our babies behind is a fairly modern idea. Think about it- how long have restaurants and spending the night at a hotel just for fun been accessible to the general public?

I do think time with your spouse is important, I just don’t see why this can only be valuable if you spent money on babysitters, dinner and a movie out, and snacks at the theater.

Date Night
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