Baby Fat in a Bathing Suit: A Lesson in Confidence

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[Editor's Note: I didn't lose the baby weight quickly after our last son was born, despite breastfeeding. I laughed at a certain line in Kami at The Fence because it was totally my experience. I also loved as she shared her journey -- in a bathing suit -- of learning to accept her new and different postpartum body. I'm still working on it. Are you? -Jenna]

Baby Fat:

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. ~Ralph Waldo EmersonSo there we were, in Miami, staying at a hotel on the beach. There was no where to hide. I had to face up to my fat and wear…

A swimsuit. (NOOOOOOOOOO!)

Begrudgingly, I squeezed myself into my one piece and accompanied my husband and son to the hotel pool. I was terribly self-conscious. And I was terribly angry at myself for feeling self-conscious. And I was irate at Katie Holmes and Melissa Joan Hart and all the other celebrities who’d had babies the same time I’d had mine and somehow managed to look like their pregnancies never happened.

Is post-partum baby weight a dirty little secret? Is it some sort of lazy mommy indicator? Is it emblematic of sub par milk production?

Or could it be that maybe, just maybe, it’s a bit of a challenge for the human body to bounce back from the trauma of pregnancy and birth? Regardless of how beautiful the experience was?

Photo Credit: heiressanj.

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