Baby Orajel Naturals to the Rescue!

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A monster has invaded our house--one that causes restless sleep, fever, excessive drool, lack of appetite, and most unfortunately, an incredibly fussy toddler.  My sweet girl has turned into this over the past few weeks (click to see photo). We've dealt with this monster on a much smaller scale before but this specific breed is INTENSE. It's not just the normal teething's the eye teeth monster.  Teething has always been hard on Kate.  It takes her ages to actually cut a tooth, and I'm certain the pre tooth-cutting stage is just as bad, if not worse, for her than actually cutting a tooth.  But man, these eye teeth are INSANE.  It is the most intense teething we've experienced to date and has lasted forever.  When I was contact by BlogHer and Orajel to review Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablet, the new, all natural teething tablets I couldn't say yes fast enough! 

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