Babyproofing When Big Kids Are Around

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Editor's Note: One of the hardest things about having our two sons just two years apart came shortly after our youngest started crawling... and trying to get into his brother's toys. Jen at Here We Go Again is a smart, smart mom and you should listen to her smart idea. (And then the big toy producers should pick up on her other idea. Honestly!) -Jenna

Babyproofing Around Big Kids:

As soon as Ryan learned to crawl and we couldn’t just plop him on a blanket in the middle of the floor and just make sure there were no little pieces on that blanket, I spent an evening with a bucket in the playroom. I went through every toy in there and removed all the dangerous ones. Then I separated out all the tiny pieces by category and put them all in labeled plastic bags. I put all the plastic bags in a bin and put that bin on the shelf in the closet.

Now when Elizabeth wants to play with something from that bin, she has to ask me to get it down for her. She’s allowed one bag out at a time and she has to play with it up on a table. We’ve always had the concept of “sometimes toys” in our house (I kept a shelf in the garage of things that are messy or loud and she’s always been able to get those by request only and only when she has no friends over) so this wasn’t a new idea for her.

Babyproofing when big kids are around
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