Back-to-School Part 2: Lunch/Snack Essentials

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TWO YEARS AGO...Mr. M wasn't even on the scene yet (for another month at least...) Alright, we are T minus two weeks and counting from the Crazies heading back to school for a new year of fun and discovery...AND Mommy will be down to JUST ONE CRAZY for a couple of hours two days a week as the Puddins makes his foray into preschool.And I shall dub those hours "Mr. M time," and they shall be glorious, bickering-free, baby-spoiling hours complete with Starbuck's runs and He shall look upon them and call them 'good.'Amen and amen, y'all.So we're gearing up for school and have already collected those school supplies and I seriously need to do some back to school clothes shopping. . . .

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