A Baked, Homemade Alternative to Samosas

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Years ago, when I was a kid living in Nigeria, I talked one of my Indian friends into slipping me some of her Mom's garam masala so I could try making homemade samosas. I'm not going to lie...the attempt was pretty much a disaster. The filling tasted amazing, but the dough I made was so thick and chewy that I gave up and never tried making these amazing Indian delights again. That's why I was so psyched to see this recipe, which uses puff pastry and eliminates both the step where I'd have to roll out dough to some level of thinness I was unable to achieve as a kid, but also the part where I would have to fry the delicious pastries. It's brilliant, and I'm going to have to give it a try.

Punjabi Hot Pockets

These Punjabi Hot Pockets are worth a try, they are surprisingly simple to make and two will be more than enough for a meal. One will make a great afternoon snack along side a cup of hot chai. They go fast, trust me.

Punjabi Hot Pockets

Image Credit: A Curry of a Life, used by permission.

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