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Summer winds down, and I find myself both anxious for fall to really get here and already regretting the things I didn't do over the past couple of months.A trip to see friends and a new baby didn't happen.We didn't go to the pool enough.We watched too much TV when it rained outside.I didn't get a garden planted.These things clog up my brain, pushing aside the memories that were made.Colin learned to swim. And by "learned," I mean, took off his floaties and flung himself across the pool declaring himself independent and capable.Christopher learned to ride his bike. And by "learned," I mean, I took off his training wheels, and while I was busy turning my back for five seconds, he got on and rode the bike down the driveway declaring himself a big boy bike rider who doesn't need my help, thank you very much.In June, we drove down to Mississippi and spent a week with my family in which the children played until they collapsed at night, snuggled in Nana's bed to read stories, and got to spend unstructured and unscripted time with their cousins. . . .

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