Banish Stomach Pains with Bitters and Soda

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[Editor's Note: It's true: even the most moderate eater sometimes goes a little wild and winds up with a stomachache. Perhaps it happens during recipe testing, if you're a food blogger. Perhaps it happens at a holiday meal or a backyard barbecue where the many potluck dishes are far too tempting. Perhaps it just happens after choosing to eat something you know won't agree with you. Having a remedy for this is key, and this is one of the best fixes out there. --Genie]

Stomach Pains: Bitters and Soda Panacea

The bitters aren’t actually so bitter, but rather, floral, fragrant, spicy, sweet. (And, yes, a tad bitter. Obviously.) Add a few hearty shakes—about 3 to 5—to some soda water over ice and nurture that glass like a baby bird for the next half hour or so. You’ll feel sprightly, bright, and ready to go with any effects of your heavy-set meal gone.

Bitters and soda

Image Credit: Vanilla Garlic, used by permission.

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