Batshit Billionaires

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can count on the Wall Street Journal to defend them when they are persecuted by the public, the latter likened to those in Nazi Germany if they dare criticize their "betters."The WSJ editorial page has always been totally dysfunctional, at least from the time of the insane rants against Bill Clinton by the late editorial page editor Bob Bartley and has little bearing on the reporting section. It should be taken with a huge grain of salt although useful in gauging just how demented those people at the top percent of the top one percent are.This Perkins is a worthless piece of shit who should be doing prison time, not for having married Danielle Steel, but for "steal" of another type. His entire career is based on moving money around, buying and destroying healthy businesses and walking off with the spoils like a good bank robber and destroying employees' lives in the process. . . .

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