Be Careful Not to Project Your Issues on to Your Child

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Since we have been working hard to better understand what adoptees deal with as they process their adoptions, adoptive moms are often faced with looking for the deeper meaning in conversations. "What did she mean by that? Do we need to have a discussion about her loss today?" But Andrea at Momenclature wants to assure moms that sometimes the conversation is really a face-value conversation. She realized she was projecting some of her issues onto her daughter during a recent exchange.

She starts out with a moment that gave her pause:

Samuel's MomAn open letter to moms through adoption who know that the day is coming when their son or daughter will ask, "Mom, why wasn't I in your tummy?

Dear Mom,

Sometimes your preschooler burying her head inside your shirt is just your preschooler burying her head inside your shirt. She might just be cold.


Been There
Just Now
As a Matter of Fact

As moms through adoption, we know full well that a jocular conversation or carefree game might just turn into an adoption conversation, but not every moment is an adoption moment. As I have recently been reminded.

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