Be Careful What You Pray For (You Just Might Get It)

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[Editor's Note: My mom used to say, "I pray you end up with five children just like you. And since I annoy even myself at times, I would counter-pray, "I pray for at least one child who isn't exactly like me." I have that child now, and he gives me a run for my money because I don't know what he's thinking (like I do with our other son who is me, but small and male; thanks Mom!). Heather's post at Live with Flair reminds me that it's important to be careful what you pray for -- because you just might get it. -Jenna]

Be Careful What You Pray For:

quatre mainsThis afternoon, a group of children practice their instruments together in my home. One girl drags in an enormous baritone horn, another assembles her flute, and still another positions herself at the piano.

These brand-new musicians (two being my daughters) all want to practice their first song: Hot Cross Buns.

It's loud, squeaky, and all out of sync.

I'm listening to it all, and I remember how I prayed that God would fill my home with music. I know nothing about music. I don't even know how to read music. But I knew I wanted to raise musical children; it seemed right and good and wonderful.

Have you ever gotten what you prayed for -- and had to laugh at the result?

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