The Internet Changed Mothering for Good and for Not-So-Good

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Editor's Note: I haven't read about motherhood that made me nod as much as Kelli's at Minivans Are Hot. The truth is that mothering nowadays is noisy, is constantly called into question, put under the microscope of online judgment. Whether you blog or not, whether you pin or not, the way we mother has been changed by the Internet. Kelli's piece asks some important questions about whether that's good or not -- and how we might better treat one another. -Jenna

Bearing with One Another:

We are the first generation of mothers who are letting our lives play out online.

This is an entirely new world for us, just as it is for our children and we are navigating motherhood under a microscope in ways that no generation before has ever done. Yes, it is mostly by our choice, but even those who abstain from documenting the day to day are affected by this world of online motherhood.

We’re all learning how to walk this journey together, but I wonder what kind of example we’re setting for the young mothers coming up behind us, not to mention for our own daughters who are watching and learning.

Credit: miguelphotobooth.

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