The Beauty Experiment

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When TLC Book Tours contacted me to review The Beauty Experiment by Phoebe Baker Hyde, I was intrigued by the request that I not write a standard review of the book. I was instead asked to conduct my own beauty experiment and report on my experience.Still, before I tell you about my personal beauty experiment, I feel you should know a little bit about the book, its author, and my feelings when I read it.The Beauty Experiment was born when its author, Phoebe Baker Hyde, decided she was tired of trying to live up to an expectation of perfection when it came to her appearance. As a new mom, she was frustrated with keeping up with the latest trends, the women around her, and that inner voice we are all so familiar with that constantly reminded her of all the things that weren't right about herself.After a disastrous experience at her husband's work party, she decided to just throw it all out. . . .

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