Super-fast Beef Burrito with Five-Minute Queso

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[Editor's Note: On nights when I know I want to make dinner at home, but am flat out of ideas and/or energy, I'll often default to a tortilla-based meal. Sometimes I'll grate cheese and add leftover veggies to make a quick quesadilla; sometimes I'll turn leftover tortilla chips into chilaquiles, or sometimes I'll grab some eggs and make huevos rancheros. I'm definitely going to add this recipe to my personal Quicker Dinners repertoire—it's a quick, yet comforting option on those nights when I want something fast, but from the Tex-Mex genre. --Genie]

Beef Rib Burrito with 5-Minute Queso

What do you do when you get home from work, your significant other is unusually hungry for dinner, and most of your cook-able foods are still frozen ‘cuz you forgot to pull stuff out of the freezer the night before? You chop up some beef leftover from the weekend, throw it into a warm flour tortilla with miscellaneous chopped vegetables, store-bought guacamole and sour cream, and have yourself a delicious burrito dinner. Oh, and if your S.O. can last another 5 minutes or so without starving to death, you also whip up a quick queso to drizzle over your burrito and elevate it to a whole other level of deliciousness.

Beef Rib Burrito

Image Credit: Just Putzing Around the Kitchen, used by permission.

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