Being a Mom and Starting a Side-Gig

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[Editor's Note: What if all you dreamed about was being a stay at home Mom, and then you got to be and wanted more? Is that selfish? Should you pursue your own thing? Here's one woman's story on being that mom, starting a side-gig anyway, and learning how to brand herself. - Paula G]

On Being A Mom, Starting A Side-Gig, And How To Brand.

in my college days, the days where you live off of the clothes on your back, eat ramen, and work your hiney off to get that fancy degree, all i thought about was being a stay at home mom. but i need a college degree. it's just what you do. so i studied something i enjoyed (political science), something that was unlikely to have a career attached, because i've never desired a career. thinking of staying home, raising my babies, picking the kids up from school, having dinner prepared when the teenagers walked through the door, welcoming home my husband each day, that is how i have always hoped to spend my days. and since having our first baby three years ago, that is what i have done. and what a joy it is! so when an opportunity came for me to pursue photography it felt strange. like was i being selfish? pursuing this on my own, doing my own thing?

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starting a side gig as a mom

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