My Advice to Moms: Don't Stay at Home

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[Editor's Note: I was new to the area when my first son was born. I knew practically no one and had no mommy friends. It was horrible. By the time our second son was born, I had started to make some friends and can now say, four years later, I have my tribe. It's made all the difference. Amy at Pretty Babies shares her similar experience and how important it has been to find people to do things with outside of the home while staying at home. -Jenna]

Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom Doesn't Mean You Have to Stay at Home:

infant new year's partyIt was really hard.

Now I have a bunch of moms around me. We pick each others' kids up for school and activities (as I was writing this post one of my friends called and said she'd pick MG up for scouts this afternoon!). We chat in the pick up line or at drop off. We go out for coffee or wine and we talk about everything (Literally. Everything). We babysit for each other. We pick up odds and ends for each other at the store when someone gets sick. We make each other casseroles when someone has a baby or needs a helping hand. We look out for each other. It's SO MUCH BETTER than those early days of being all on my own.

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