Bento Lunch Ideas: Week 13

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I know we are getting near the end of school and for some of you summer vacation is already here but I still want to share our bento lunches with you because you just might want to make these for a picnic at the park or pool this summer or to send with your little ones if they are going to any kind of summer camp where a healthy lunch or snack is needed. We still eat bentos off school hours for these exact reasons…just maybe not as often…and that is okay!Here is a peek at the kids’ bento lunches from last week: Lunch 1: Blueberries with a little bunny fork, strawberry slices with a little kitty fork, and heart-shaped almond butter and jelly sandwiches. Lunch 2: Grapes with a monkey pick, chocolate chip Annie’s granola bar with a froggy pick, and a almond butter and jelly sandwich cut into tetris shapes! . . .

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