Is Best Buy dead?

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When I told friends on Friday I had been working on an article about Best Buy Canada's latest round of layoffs - they announced they were turfing another 950 employees almost a year to the day after they announced they were blowing off 900 staff and shuttering 15 stores - I ignited quite the firestorm of feedback.I heard stories of roaming aisle after aisle with nary a salesperson to be found, of finding an actual salesperson, only to have him turn tail and run the other way, of finally catching up with someone, only to realize he couldn't answer questions about his own shoe size let alone the tablet that brought them to the store in the first place. I heard similar experiences of questionable sales practices, non-existent after-sales service and an overall retail experience that made a post-shopping 45-minute hot shower virtually mandatory.So there wasn't too much sympathy among my friendsI even heard from a reader who has spent most of his career in consumer electronics, and summarized the zeitgeist rather nicely: "I am not sure who is worse BestBuy or FutureShop. Whilst BestBuy don’t use the commission sales method vis-

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