Maher: As Misogynist as Limbaugh and as Free to Be Vile

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Editor's Note: The Cute Conservative shared a video released last week by ShePAC which contrasts the comments in the media and by politicians on the misogynist language by Rush Limbaugh with that on the misogynist language of comedian and Obama supporter Bill Maher. Here's what she has to say. -- Julie

If Bill Maher wants to call conservative women obscene names, I will fight for his right to do so, even though I think it is abhorrent. However, I am fascinated by the feminist anger towards a conservative commentator and not toward a liberal comedian, despite the far more aggressive and evil nature of the comments coming from the Left.

Watch the video, then go tell the Cute Conservative what you think. Do you agree with her? What are your feelings on Bill Maher?

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