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Of course the judge pulled that "ineffective" number out of his ass--indeed the whole Vergara decision is nothing but a load of political bullshit.David Berliner is the LAST person who would go around and bash the teaching profession.The reality of the school workplace:Administrators have always been the biggest problem in education because they work basically unsupervised and aren’t held accountable for their actions. There is no real chain of command in education where an abused teacher can go over a supervisor’s head and grieve it to a principal’s “supervisor” clear across town. That’s ostensibly one of the reasons why “due process” protections are there for teachers and why they are supposed to have effective unions, which are all too rare.Administrators in most cases today are either not teachers at all or found out they couldn’t cut it in the classroom or hate kids or want an easier, more highly paid position. . . .

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