Blogging Changes Your Perception of Daily Life

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The difference between watching a child throw a tantrum in a store vs. reading about it on a blog (beyond the fact that you can't hear the screaming online) is that the viewer gets a panoramic understanding of the situation. Instead of rolling our eyes at the mother while her child cries face-first against the floor, we empathize as we learn that the child had to forgo a nap or has a painful ear infection or is reacting to an overworked, stressed out parent. In other words, blogging gives you empathy.

At least that is what My Time as a Mom realized as she watched a tantrum unfold in a store, suddenly realizing that the only thing changing her reaction is knowing the backstory. In her insightful post "She Could Be One of Them," she deftly points out how this woman could be the very same one she'll sympathetically listen describe the tantrum later on Twitter or her blog.

I could see the frustration in her red cheeks, the embarrassment in her eyes, the desire to leave the store and go to a place where people wouldn’t stare at her.

As I watched all of this while walking out the door I realized she could be one of them.

She could be one of the people I sympathize with on Twitter every day about their children throwing a tantrum who tells me she #needmorewine.

Have you also gained empathy by blogging?

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