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There are parenting bloggers and tech bloggers and food bloggers. There are book bloggers who post reviews, and entertainment bloggers who give us our daily dose of celebrity gossip. There are fitness bloggers to inspire with their workout tips and spiritual bloggers to inspire with their religious interpretations. And then there are just... bloggers. Bloggers who write without a neat niche.

Even though other people label me as a certain type of blogger, I personally see myself as a general diarist. My blog certainly leans towards certain topics, but on the whole, my blog is just a recording of my life or how I see the world.

And there are plenty of people who agree that blogs don't always need a category. SocialDialect recently tackled this idea of nicheless blogs. She admits:

That is one of the most beautiful aspects of blogging. If you can create a strong style and online personality, you can virtually write about anything if you have an audience that embraces you.

The best part about SocialDialect's post is that she sums up the way to do nicheless blogging successfully; little tips that can help your blog along if it doesn't have a boost from having a community to join.

Do you have a nicheless blog? How do you connect with other bloggers when your blog doesn't fit neatly into a category?

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