Border flood, alien invasion

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While Harry Reid channels Bagdad Bob, Gateway Pundit: Obama White House: We’re Not Going to Tell Where We’re Going to House Illegal Immigrants Hot Air: White House: By the way, we’re still planning an amnesty this summer for illegals who are already here Drudge: GALLUP: BORDER FLOOD TOP PROBLEM BACKTRACK: MD governor asks White House NOT to send illegals to his state… CT rejects children… L.A. Plan To Provide Housing Outrages Homeless… Hundreds of cities fight back against ‘invasion’… Illegals hide in natural gas pipeline… ‘Coyote’ Cartoon Seeks to Slow Child Migrants… COULTER: HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY, CENTRAL AMERICAN HUMANITARIAN CRISIS… RELEASED ILLEGAL ALIEN ARRESTED FOR MURDER… UPDATE: Plans for $50 million ‘resort’ canceled… Honduras seeks aid, suggests ‘mini-Marshall plan’… DEMS PUSH AMNESTY: ‘This is America. Doors are open’… Immigration turns election strategies on their heads… Former Border Chief: ‘All of Good Done After 9/11 Reversed Singlehandedly’… Nevada’s Clark County jails to start releasing illegal inmates… Immigrant population soars in Nashville… The Diplomad: We are seeing the Democratic Party openly reinvent itself, without any shame or purpose of evasion, into a party of career bureaucrats, educators, and crony capitalists, kept in power by stupid young people, Hollywood, the growing ranks of dole recipients, and, of course, the wave of poor hispanics. The Democrats care not a a bit about the impact this massive wave will have on school quality, crime rates, health care, the prisons, deficit spending, or on the “poor” whom they so vociferously have supported for decades. . . .

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