Boston Marathon Running Tips

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Editor's note: The Boston Marathon is an inspiration, whether you're running the race or using it as mental fodder to fuel your own workouts. And Kristy—running coach, marathoner, and ultra marathoner who ran the Boston marathon last year—would like to impart some smart advice that runners will be glad they know for any marathon, from New York to London and beyond. (For instance: Wear a form-fitting tank top so you can easily try on your race shirt and other gear at the promo booths without stripping down in front of a crowd.) Consider a few of her insider tips to make an already extraordinary experience all the better. – Judy

Run for fun: Here’s where you may disagree. Hear me out. Initially I was not running Boston for "fun." I was going to race my heart out. Then it was 90 degrees and I was forced to slow down and enjoy myself. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy myself if I raced it (it is Boston!) but you know what I mean. When you run a marathon for fun you take in more and experience more.

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