Boys and Guns

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[Editor's Note: My mom didn't let my little brother have toy guns. It didn't matter: every stick, every carrot and every finger turned into a gun. I followed suit with my sons, and the result was much the same. Laura at Our Messy Life is dealing with a her son who keeps "shot, shot, shot"-ing everything. She doesn't know whether to ignore it, distract it or explode. -Jenna]

Boys and Guns:

He'll Have Renaldo At His SideI'm talking about the kids with guns. Fake guns, yes. But, a fake gun may as well be a real gun when you are 3 years old and have no concept of violence and death. And, apparently, it only takes a few minutes of witnessing these fake guns in action for Henry to internalize the concept of shooting and "blowing away".

Long before my babies were born, I knew we would not be a "gun" house. As a teacher, I chastised little boys who were forever turning every math manipulative and piece of playground mulch into a weapon. Guns are not toys. Duh.

At this point, I've come to accept that boys are naturally drawn to weapons. Since this natural tendency to violence is completely foreign to me as a former little girl, I assume this hard wired trait is an evolutionary design hearkening back to the days of hunting for survival.

Or not. Who knows.

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