Brazilian Chicken Salad (Salpicão)

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Are you guys pumped for the World Cup?I’m literally buzzingThe Opening Ceremony in Sao Paolo is today at 2pm, and then the focus will fall on Brazil as they get the World Cup underway against Croatia.Afterwards the two biggest heavyweight fights of the first round arrive in short order: Spain against the Netherlands on Friday - a rematch of the final played in South Africa 4 years ago - and England against Italy on Saturday.On Monday, the United States plays its first match, against Ghana.Hurray!One thing though before we proceed any further, are we going to refer to it as the Soccer World Cup? or the Football World Cup?Football is the original name and the official name picked by the Int Federation.FIFA -> Fédération Internationale de Football Association.In the majority of Europe and the world it is officially known and called Football. But in the US and Australia (and a couple of other places), it’s called soccer.So for the sake of simplicity can we all agree for once and call it just the World Cup?As I wanted to celebrate the beginning of the World Cup on TIY,I asked my friend Flavia from Rio for an authentic Brazilian recipe. . . .

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