The Sea Has Many Mysteries: "The Brides of Rollrock Island"

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The thing that attracts me to a story varies. Sometimes it's the plot. Sometimes it's the author. In the case of The Brides of Rollrock Island it is most definitely the setting. I grew up on an island and come from a family of fishermen, so Margo Lanagan's new novel speaks me. Fishermen, wives and the mysteries of the sea all play their part in this story. Of course, the stunning cover doesn't hurt. - Karen

brides of rollrock island margo LanaganNothing with Margo Lanagan is simple. Her writing is beautiful. Her message hauntingly and lovingly rendered. And her characters. Oh, her characters. Misskaella. I loved Misskaella. She’s fascinating. From the beginning, she’s called fat, and ugly, and she takes it to heart. Once she discovers her talent with seals, she discovers her means for revenge. She takes a sort of malicious delight, but Lanagan’s skill is so great that, even as Misskaella is delighting in her exploits, you can also feel the pain under it all. She becomes the mean, ugly witch they take her for, but Lanagan left me wondering what Misskaella could have been, if she hadn’t been treated the way she was."

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