On Not Being the Perfect Mom -- Immediately

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Editor's Note: Did you expect to be awesome at mothering from the get go? I really did. It was a shock to my system when I learned that not only was I not awesome but that I would have a lot to learn, over and over and over again. I related to Missy's post at It's Almost Naptime. There's a lot of truth and honesty and love and challenge in her post; I loved it. -Jenna

Bucking Up:

A couple of weeks before we left to get her my friend Jana sat in my kitchen and asked, "What is it exactly that you're so afraid of?" and forced me to declare specifically where my fear lay. "It's that I won't know what to do." And then I cried.

Years ago when I was quite young I was an event planner for a catering company, a job that I loved. In my performance review a few months into it, my boss stated astutely, "Your problem is that you want to be the best RIGHT NOW. You don't want to wait on the experience that it takes to get there. But it just doesn't work that way."

Her words struck me then and have stayed with me for twenty years, popping into my mind when I began new endeavors such as teaching, or parenting.

You want to be the best RIGHT NOW.

Credit: bluelemniscate.

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